Deanna Barr

My strongest attribute is that I have been on this planet for almost 60 years and have emerged intact as an independent thinker. I am very creative with a strong connection to spirit and that helps me resolve almost any situation. I really enjoy the creative process from intent into manifestation. It is a gift to be able to look at the big picture and zero in on the steps required to achieve a goal and bringing that goal into fruition.

My journey has taken me to many doors and for some reason, all have returned me back to nature, human nature and being of service. There is no greater truth than Nature and there is nothing more real than the human spirit.

I walk in harmony with Nature while intergrating family, running a business and living everyday life.

My experience in becoming an independant empowered and divinely aware indvidual has brought me full circle to this point of giving back. This journey includes yogic practices, shamanic practioning, Angelic Reike and other divine healing modalities. Breathing techniques, meditation, drumming and other such gifts from the Universe will help gently guide any who are receptive to them. This will be part of my contribution back to other spiritual aspirants. One does not need to sit atop a mountain, be a monk in a temple or pledge away your power to a cult leader to become in touch with your divine self. One can choose many forms for enlightment but it is so much easier and more available to everyone than you could have ever imagined.

I am a spiritual Warrior. I invite you to be one too.