Welcome.  Thank you for checking out our website. Please explore all the options we provide here including the portfolio of pictures to the stories, poems and prose in Diggers portal blog.  My vision for this website is to provide insight into how we interact with Gaia, Mother Earth, our beloved planet and each other. The recognition that we are in sacred union with and on our planet is becoming more and more prevalent. Not that we didn’t already know that, but there has been an extended disconnect. We are now in the midst of a Great Awakening and the understanding of many missteps are front and center and becoming revealed more each day. The reunion with Gaia can be a joyful one. As we embrace her, we embrace ourselves for we are her children. We are worthy. We are worthy enough to show compassion and forgiveness for the past transgressions. We can simply redirect our focus and intentions to bring about the change that needs to happen. It is happening. When we focus on change, we can see that healing is paramount. In order to bring in a new paradigm of peace and balance, we must heal old wounds. As we heal ourselves, we help heal each other and help heal the planet.  Please take time to focus on any picture that may resonate with you. Bring it in to your full awareness and sit with whatever it is that attracts you to it. Embrace all of nature including  Gaia’s water. Take time to meditate, pray or simply enjoy the sound of moving water.  These are a few of many great healing tools at our disposal.

It is my desire to bring forth more and more pieces of the puzzle and make them available to you as they unfold for me. Ancient knowledge is one such topic that is on the rise.  Together we will remember our Sacred Union with Gaia bring back a balanced and healthy environment. As we continue our ascension, remember to go within and connect to self. Then allow space so that we may invite and connect with the Etherical and elemental realms as well as our Galactic brothers and sisters.

Thank you for your visit. Please like this page and/or add your comments. You have my extreme gratitude in advance for your feedback. Enjoy.


Deanna ‘Digger’ Barr

Gaia’s Gardens