Ebb and Flow is the bigger picture in a series of waves.

A series of waves that have variable volumes and unpredictable reaches, some striving greater than expectations. Others falling short. Short waves in the ebb, short waves in the flow.they rarely command attention, moving quietly about their task. No, unlike their counterpart, there is little excitement in the steady influx and out flux of progression.

Suddenly and with a rush, the bigger wave swoops in and pushes the limits of what had come before. shrieks and screams of alarm or joy announce the surprise of something all knew was possible. these are the big moments. This is where attention gets focused. these are the markers that determine the level of flow. Anticipation sits upon the next big wave.

This is each day, as I move through the ebb and flow of the week. Waves carry me from chore to chore, person to person, thought to thought. Emotions wash over me, ego swirls around me and the practice of compassion ebbs and flows with the tide. Some moments really do fall short of expectations.

Just as sudden, a crashing wave of Love surges and engulfs my entire being. Hold Steady, as the ebb begins.Keep that knowing that a wonderful wave such as this, never really ends. It carries on and on in the shorter but significant moments.

And if need be, I will run down to the water’s edge, breathe in deep and dive in.

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