There was a time of so much bliss, of happiness and joy.
In a place where that state of being that was shared by all.
Who would choose to leave this wonderous existence.
There must have been something that was worth so much more.
I cannot imagine.
I can not imagine the love that filled them so and that they were willing to leave it behind. To forget. To step away from the euphoria in just being, to assume a journey, knowing the challenges and hardship to come.
To willing and eagerly accept forgetting the love that surrounded them so that they may attempt rediscovering it under duress. And against high odds help, others remember too.
Who are these souls that would choose this existence and be so selfless?
What is the treasure, the prize behind the desire to undertake such a formidable task.

You know the answer.
It is there deep in your knowing.
Just as you know the love.
It is time to remember.
It is you.
You are the most loving caring soul that has come to remember.
You !

We are the ones we have been waiting for.
Remember on this day, for you are love.
You know joy and you bring happiness from not that far away.
Give unto yourself this day.
And share this in every way, forever more.

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