Hello , Ya-teh-hey
I am Deanna, of the San Juan Pueblo and of the Northern Ute tribes.
I was born on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona.
I am also of the Irish and of the Scottish clans.
I am a progeny of peace and love although these people have often fought with each other.
Learning to get along has been a hard fought battle.
We are here today in council not unlike what has been used traditionally by all of these people.

The Native people have long meet in councils to workout problems and for sharing of information.
They often traveled far and know the value of the the moment and the gathering.
They would pass a pipe so as to take a moment to gather their thoughts before speaking.
They would process what they heard and then find a way to speak about it from the heart.
Everyone would be listened too,
Everyone got their moment to express themselves.
Everyone listened to the other.
In this way the councils would meet to deal with their world.

That world was one that did not have lines drawn on a map.
A time when living with nature was not just recreation or entertainment.
It was a time when you could drink from a creek that was owned by no one. Shared by everyone.
So it was honored and respected.
Life was hard but it was in balance.

And then the white man came.
He filled the air with loud noises, fast talking and broken promises.
He did not speak in honor.
He did not listen with honor.

Today we might call them the cabal.
They were the same. They took the land, They gave us disease. They herded us into camps like cattle. They stole the children. And no one heard our cries. No one heard our stories. Or if it was noticed it was a tale of days gone by. This is not history of days gone past. Its now. This is not a new thing. You are just now understanding.

And now today we are still faced with the lies and deceit.
We are bombarded with loud voices, fast talk and broken promises.
We are told to believe what we hear and repeat it every where we go, in order to help everyone understand the lie.
We are ridiculed if we listen and then speak from the heart.
Many of us have responded by raising our voices in order to be heard.
And now we are busy yelling filling the air with more loud noises.
And We repeat what we hear.

But have we learned to listen?
Do we take time to gather our thoughts before speaking?
Do we remember to speak from the heart?
Do we listen so others may be heard?

In this way our world has come full circle.
We can remember and practice the way of the Elders no matter which tradition you come from.
This council has many important purposes before us.
Let us remember to speak with honor.
Let us remember to listen with respect.
And let us drop into our hearts for our words.
In this way we can value our time and this gathering.

When this message is finally heard, it may bring some understanding of the animosity the native people have carried with them for years, for generations.
The fear and core issues are deep.
Again we are here to give and show the way. Even though many of us have lost our way .
We have spent many councils learning how to adjust our lives.
Things would never be the same and making changes was beyond difficult.
Look where we are today. Still alive.
They tried Genocide but we survived.
And we will again.
Making changes will be difficult.

This story is not one of blame and shame or pointing fingers with regret.
What purpose is there is saying, we told you so?
What gain is found in perpetuating the wounds?
This is a time to be strong. Be the warrior.
Be the mother that loves her children. Know Gaia feels the same.
Now is the time to bring back honor.
To stand strong for those that do not understand.
They will some day.
Just as your are now.

The leaders today still do not credit or acknowledge the native struggle.
Many photos are staged and forgotten. Speeches are worded carefully to sidestep confrontation
All corrective measures have been to placate a broken arrow not for recompense of the irrepairable harm.
Too much has happened.

There is no going back, only looking forward.
Now is the time for all to heal.
Now is the time come together.
Now is the time to forgive.

Now is the time to create new solutions by knowing the whole story.
The whole story, not by leaving some out.
We look to every nation. Every land.
There are no divisive lines on this map.
Now is the time to write a new story.

How do you want to proceed?
The native way is to live, listen and speak from the heart.
let it be so

Thank you

writers note: This material maybe triggering for some. Please allow the triggers to process and let them go. I myself did several hours of generational clearing upon writing this material. Every clearing will help. This is not intended to create more core issues but to bring about awareness. Thank you

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