If I told you “how many” you wouldn’t read the whole story. Fact is, I can’t tell you who, but I will make a guess. If I tell you “what ” right away, you might not believe me.  Well, some of you might not believe. So, for you this is just a story. The rest of you , just might get excited.

Late night Weather Balloons

Sitting in my hot tub last fall, the jacuzzi was easing the stress and tension from my bones. I was relaxed  and leaning back against a shoulder jet, taking in the night sky.

My tub is located close to the house. It is single story, so the south side only blocks the lower most part of the skyline. I have a very open view of most of the sky. It was a clear and lovely night. Now on such a night, I typically would be turned taking in the big dipper to the northwest. But because I wanted that jet on my shoulder, I was turned towards the house and looking to the southeast. Over the top of the roof line about the altitude of a helicopter, this orb of bright light darted into my view. From my perspective it was about the size of a dime, which would make it pretty big compare to a helicopter. You can only imagine my reaction. “What the blazes is that . !!” It was a very bright, almost translucent but solid spherical emanation.

The orb hovered in place momentarily, then in a 90 turn from where it came from, shot upward a short distance and disappeared. I mean, just vanished. I had a complete view of the whole sky and there wasn’t even a trail of light. Before I had time to say Whoa!, another one came into view right at that exact spot, paused, 90 degree turn, and disappeared at the same place.

I was not sitting down any longer. As I stood up, The skyline over my house came into view and there was a line of orbs, equal distance apart, moving over the houses. It looked like an airport at night as planes were taking their turn coming in to land. At this point I am screaming “yahoo !”, “hello!” and “OMG!!!” I couldn’t call anyone because that would mean taking time to find the phone. So, I watched in awe and amazement. How lucky was this. Each one took its place in the turning spot, paused, then disappeared. Nine. That’s the number I told you, you wouldn’t believe. Yeah. 9! After I stood up seven more of them approached toward my house, paused in place then shot into the same spot. Except the last one.

The one at the far end had stopped and was letting the rest move away from it. It took a slight detour to the west of its position and sunk down below treeline. I know it was below treeline because the trees were silhouetted from the bright light. Now we a have some very tall trees in Washington state, but even if those trees were 50 feet tall, that is pretty close to the ground for a flying thing if you ask me.

As the rest of the armada exited the area, the last orb reappeared and wasted no more time catching up. Getting into position, it paused, then left. I actually felt myself encouraging them to hurry and not miss the opening. Once it had vanished, I felt altogether relieved they had made it, euphoric about the whole experience and wanting them to come back.

I ran to get the phone. “omgoodness, that was the most awesome bunch of weather balloons I have ever witnessed.” What exactly it was is unknown, unless you want to speak in generalities. But the who…that would be the real question. I would venture a guess of Pleidians, Arcturians, or even Andromedians. But I don’t really have a clue. Not sure I need to. It was spectacular.

Just for the record, I am not 20 feet tall and can’t see over my house. I am located at the base of a steep hill. When I look beyond the neighborhood, the elevation rises, home to some very tall evergreens and urban neighborhoods. The trees are mostly Ponderosa pine. But for this story,  nobody cares.

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