Life is stressful, says the human, it is busy and uncertain

Life is easy, purrs the cat, stretching and taking a nap

Life is opportunity, say the birds, flocking back onto the lawn

Life is exciting, barks the dog, chasing the squirrel  up the tree

Life is fun, says the squirrel, racing across the branch teasing the dog

Life is bending with the wind, whispers the tree, while anchoring its roots into Gaia

Life is motion,  gusts the wind, and I always feel like changing

Life is Love, croons Gaia, as she embraces her children at play

Life is playful ?,   reconsiders the human…

take it easy,

see opportunity,

make it exciting and fun

bend with the wind,

stay in motion,

anchor to Gaia

know you are anchored in love.

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