To the Pillars of our Community,

We thank you. We thank you for being strong when loved ones around you needed help. We thank you for supporting situations that needed your strength. We thank you for being there when called upon. We thank you for stepping forward and showing us the way.

For all of your strength and fortitude, we thank you and support you in your need for balance. Let us be here for you. Let us give back all that you have so often provided to others.You have mastered the power of yes, the essence of giving.

So, take a moment, take a breath. Breathe in the power of No. Take time for yourself. Take an In breathe, the essence of receiving. Allow this moment for yourself and ask for whatever it is that you need.

Allow the gratitude for what you have done for others to flow back to you. Accept this exchange of give and receive as the in breath and the out breath of Balance and allow it to bring you back to center.

Know, by doing this, you are the strongest Pillar of all.

Thank you !




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