I want to be in the business of Hope.

I can feel hope like a spring in the well of my heart.

Presented a moment of bleakness and despair, I can feel hope rise up in my being, full of possibilities .

I see moments of stark nothingness as opportunity, When a situation falls short of the desired intent, seemingly into complete failure and nothing is left but shambles, this, this is where I see a moment of opportunity.

Clarity. By seeing what won’t work, gives way to figuring out what will work. What is left, what is salvageable, and which direction does it want to go next. By bringing down the walls of doubt and infusing it with hope, the building can begin again. Infuse the situation with what the optimal vision is, hold that energy and redirect the process. When all is stripped down to its core, all the nonsense, the dross and the duff get stripped way with it.  Allow  this naked moment to be a birth. A new beginning . A step in a fresh direction.

Infuse it with hope. Beginning fresh and new towards all possibilities . Feel hope grow. Shed the old paradigm of lack and limitation. Step forward with a renewed sense of living in a world of Peace, Love and Compassion. Understanding. Bring forward a world that you want to be in, live in, love in. Bring in the elements of what you want and step away from the drama and false beliefs that have submitted us to chaos and confusion.

This is a moment for clarity and transparency. Build a castle if you want. All things that have a foundation of truth will flourish. those things not of truth will crumble and fall away. Building with trust and purity of heart cannot not fail for it is a foundation that cannot be taken away. This is a foundation from your heart. This is the foundation of my hope.

What is Truth ?  Who’s truth ?

Truth is what you have left when all other things have been stripped away.

The point of absolute nothingness.

The point at which we realize we are all the same. There is no difference in who we are.

This is the point of understanding that we are individuals but we are never alone. We need each other equally.

The point of realizing we need to love ourselves as equally as we want to love others. Or, even more so.

This is a moment of truth.

Truth is pure and humbling as we allow trust to guide our heart. Feel the humbleness embrace you. Be in awe and Surrender. Feel It. Feel the peace infuse into you. Feel it. Feel the vulnerability in the wonder of who you are. Valid, valuable and worthy. It is your divine right to be fantastic. it is your absolute truth. You are amazing. You are truth. You are love. You are a well spring of Hope.

This is my foundation.

This is who I am. In this moment, I am you.

And I want to be in the business of Hope .

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