What is Joy?

    What is that feeling that we experience in specific moments over others ?

Is it possible to carry that feeling over a distance of time ?

As I search, the feeling becomes more dense.

The more I explore. the more fleeting it becomes, like trying to reach that proverbial carrot.

It isn’t tangible. It is evasive. Trying to grasp it, dissipates it.

Scrutiny and judgement diminish its qualities.


A Magical wisp of euphoria that lifts the spirit spontaneously, it defies containment or instruction.

Joy wants to be free to grow. Joy wants to spread and build. Joy is embedded naturally within.

Joy is delivered across the room with a smile or a laugh.

At the speed of laughter, it fills the crevices of a crabby mind, shifting, transmuting, transforming.

Joy permeates the moment and can take up residence for an extended stay.

Joy is eternal and infinite. There is no end. There are only beginnings.


Joy fills me and flows through my very being.

Pending issues seem transformed and their stagnation dissipates .

Living, breathing, just being is easier.

Colors are brighter. Walking is lighter. Creation is higher.

A natural state as effortless as abundant, it can generate in an instant.

Sweet elixir of freedom, I surrender to thee now.

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