Right. People always want to be right. Of course. To be wrong is a challenge to peoples belief system. It is triggering. It brings up issues. Its uncomfortable. Why would any body want to be uncomfortable. Well, because, that is one way in which we learn and grow.

If we are too comfortable, we would never want to change. We would maintain our point of view, our perspective. We would live cozy in the land of Right and be happy. But when we were not comfortable, we make adjustments until we get comfortable. We shift. We move. We gain experience and sometimes gain information that can lead us to a new point of view. Often within that we can still be Right.

But what if we get so jolted out of our armchair of complacency that we can’t sit down again. We are pushed out of our comfort zone. The challenge put before us isn’t easy to resolve and is so far away from our belief system we don’t know how to make sense of it. What do we do with that? What do we do when we are in absolute disagreement with what we have just encountered? What do we do when we get challenged and triggered by someone else’s Right ? What do we do with our own angst?

When we are made uncomfortable in this manner it usually leads to two basic choices. Fight or Flight. We run away, turn it off or replace it with distraction of some sort. There are all types of flight. We argue the point. We fight. We demean it. We declare it to not be true or that it doesn’t even exist. Deny Deny Deny. Or if we know its true but want to hide that truth label it Conspiracy theory. Nobody dare side with that reality now, its outside of acceptable parameters. If it challenges the status quo its lunacy. It doesn’t matter if I am wrong, if you are wrong by default I must be right. This isn’t my reality therefore it doesn’t exist. Or more ciscently the declaration that the provider of such challenging information is just plain Wrong. All sorts of rationalizations.

In this thought program, I am wondering on this whole crazy diverse planet of 8 billion realities, how anybody could ever be right.

Aside from the intentional misdirection of truth, Lets play with the idea that a thread of truth lies in every story. Instead of every body being wrong, lets just say everybody is right.

Impossible you say. Perhaps but with so many adjustments and shifts in perspective maybe truth isn’t something that lies on a linear plane. Maybe it is in layers and that whatever you believe at the time is true and it remains to be true until you peel back a layer and get more information. Now you have the truer truth or the next layer of reality with enhanced understanding.
This is an AHA moment.

Now over the years a person could have many AHA moments until they are a very different person than who they were before. They have shifted perspective and adjusted their understanding in what seems Right again to them. Back at the Ranch, someone stumbles upon your ancient AHA moment. They embrace it for themselves. They start telling everyone this is the truth. You no longer believe that because you have shifted and learned others things that give the subject a greater perspective. You try to tell them that. You say, hey what about this. But they don’t want to hear your truth because they are busy being right. So, They say you are wrong.

Are you? or are you just living in a different layer of truth.

Are they wrong? or are they just living in a different layer of truth.

Are you both right or are you both wrong?

This actually was one of my AHA moments. I realized something one time. I announced, AHA ! This is a truth. And I sat with it. It lasted about 2 minutes. Then I realized that now that I had had that understanding, it was time to move onto the next level. Kinda of like the layers of truth. I knew then that we never stop learning. My AHA AHA moment is…That we are constantly peeling the lotus blossom to and thru infinity. All truths were one for there is only one truth. And that truth will always be in the next layer, the next level of understanding.

My challenge right here, right now, incarnate, is how do I exist in a world of so many people who are so wrong?

Gawd I hope you laughed. but isn’t that the thought that traps?

Now, Humor is great to use to ease discomfort. But it can be used as a jolt too. You know, as a writer, it is my greatest hope to write something that jolts you out of your armchair. I want to write something that makes you laugh or disagree with me. I want to challenge you just enough that we can have a conversation, even the tough one. Please, its not personal. I enjoy sharing and want to engage with people who will return that energy. I love you and I want to help you shift. When you shift, we all shift. Are we here just to hug the fluffy bunnies. Eventually yes, please I hope so. But right now, we are here to listen, or learn how to listen to the hard stories, to engage with people we may not agree with and still bring them across that bridge. Do I need to be right about this? No. Let me be wrong. And if you think I am, I want you to tell me all about it so I can practice my heart listening.

I know we all have a lot on our plate and looking for the smoothest path is more desirable than engaging with every post that happens. Especially one that isn’t comfortable. Fair enough. Everything is Huge right now. I are here for ya. We are here for each other.

This is about communication, yes but its also about bridging that gap between 3D and 5D.That is another article altogether but it is something that we are being challenged on in a big way right now. This is not only about our rights but our connection to each other. So lets keep the channel open and flowing.

A wise master told me once, When we learn how to have the hard conversations, then we can create whatever it is we really want in our lives.

With deepest gratitude,

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