After a time, if your paying attention, a person will learn about themselves.
There are habits, quirks or nuances that seem to be a part of who we are and no matter what we do, they seem to be sustained.
No matter where we go, there we are.
Learning about yourself is a great thing, especially so you can be aware if its not you.

Its kinda of a funny thought that you need to learn who you are. I mean you are you.
Doesn’t that mean you have control over everything you do?
In just asking the question I can hear the resounding answer. We all know we do things and we don’t know why.

Learning about yourself should never be boring because we are an intricate part of the universe. Learning about ourselves is a kin to learnng about the universe. That is infinitly exciting.
But that not the portal I wanted to climb into today. I am going to stay on planet for now and look at the 3D me and the way I process during everyday life.

One of the things I have learned about myself is that when I get something in my focus, I stick to it like a dog with a bone. Like a pit bull on a chew toy, like a kid on a tootsie pop, Like a goose on the migrant flight okay, you get the point. Yes, when I get something in my site, I don’t let go of it until it has been managed. Sometimes this is a supreme quality and has earned me many accolades. People can count on me to get the job done. They know once they put a responsibility in my hands it is as good as done. It is taken care of and with this I have earned the publics trust. I have earned my own trust. I know I can count on me.

Others times, this quality is the achilles heal. Sometimes I need to just let go , Realizing this one is the most important part of learning about myself. I know I can latch on to something and it rattles around and around in my brain until I either figure it out or it feasters out of control. Luckily I have learned that when I do ‘obsess’ on something that it is put into a catagory of valuable or waste of time.

The valuable ‘obsession’ are things that need figuring out. Like problem solving or analysing a situation. Often these can be about other people and conflict. The reason these are in the valuable category is because I want to resolve the issue and am determined to get it working again. I focus on the problem but sometimes just letting it simmer in the background, the answer or solution will rise to the surface. Other times, I infuse the situation with love and light. Often with this methodology the curtain gets pulls back and the answer will take a bow center stage. Its a TA-Da moment! There is nothing more gratifing than finding the love in a difficult scenario.

The darker moments in my mind are the unhealthy obsessions that need to be let go. Continued partcipation with these thoughts can bring down my vibration and poison the spirit. It is time to just let go. These thoughts may even be darker energies praying upon my weakness and are feeding off my negativity. Knowing the difference is key to how one lets go.
Obsessions are diffucult to release, but possession are even more powerful and may require a stronger resolve. Ha! here is where my strength challenges the weakness of the same attrribute. Take note, programming from outside sources can be one of these obsessions. If you are to purge this unwanted energy, you can do so by making a statement of sovegnty with intention.

An example of this can go something like this:
I am a sovergein being. This is my body, this is my mind, this is my journey. Only those for my highest good may enter. Only the most high. I do not allow negative engergies. you are not welcomed here . You must leave and you must leave NOW.

You can make your statement in whatever phrasing you want. But it is the intention that gives the statement power. Do so with absolute confidence.
Little disclaimer here, this is not a treatment for dark possessions that may need outside help such as a shamanic practioner. if you feel this is an issue, please find help. I am merely discusssing the dark thoughts that stick to you and need released and can be released in a strong statement. And often this will be suffcient. But do not be fooled, these darker enegies are on the run and looking for any host at the moment. So please be aware and protect yourself with a strong resolve and stand in your sovergeinty. Set the intentions and make the statement. Only the most high and the rest needs to leave the area.

You can research this more if it resonates with you. I recommend Sharon Stewart with IVO on loosh.

I am bringing awareness to this subject by also suggesting that by knowing oneself is a powerful tool. We have incredible potential for the expansion of self as we step together into the new landscape of Nova Gaia. We are on an epic emergence of the new world and humanity gets to be center stage. Prepare to take a bow as we are nearing the completion of the simmering pot. The love infusion is in process and all will be alright.

I am pleased to share this moment with you. I am excited to greeting the future with our new awareness. Please leave a comment if this message resonates with you.

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