Time is a funny thing. If it is a thing at all, which I don’t think it is.

Time travel is a thing. That’s what’s so funny about it.

How does one define time? Let’s state the known elements.

Time is a measurement based on earths’ revolutions around the sun. Seasons are based upon the earths spin and direction it is facing towards the sun. Time is also in relation to rhythms such as music. When you keep rhythm it is called keeping in time. We have also changed time. We use clocks and watches and call it time. This is an artificial capturing of time which now has the clock keeping the increments in sync. Now we don’t have to go outside to know what time it is. We could live in a basement, cave, a tunnel and still know what time it is.

We even change the captured time by switching to daylight savings as if we really can capture and save daylight. Put daylight into a savings account for use on a rainy day. Oh that would be a fun name for a bank, the Daylight savings and loan. Yes, I would like to borrow an hour please. Actually that would be great, I could use a couple extra hours today. And if this is even possible, we actually claim when we don’t get something finished, that time ran out. So now we have taken the infinite, packaged it into the deadlines of clock and calendars and finally used it all up by running out.

The infinite. Yes time is infinite. I am just guessing on that one. We can discuss it if you want. We got plenty of time. Maybe you haven’t the time right now, so lets move on.

What if time was on a linear track?

We can now look at time as in future and past. We use the calendar to give it marking points and give events dates. We can say for certain when someone is born. Well, incarnate on this planet. But what if we video record that birth and now we can look at it later in time. Did we just freeze time. We can look at baby pictures/videos anytime and re-live those moments.

But we can also delay recordings to shift things into the past. Let me explain.

Lets take a horse race. I love horse racing. I enjoy betting on the big races. These are aired live for the whole nation to see. But air waves and satellite transmitters can create a relay delay. One television can receive sooner than another so the live events may not be seen simultaneously in different places. Different devices or technology that you receive that live stream from can also experience that delay. My phone may receive the race faster than my tv. An iPhone may show it faster than an android. So a race can already be finished and thus we are seeing it in the past. If the lag is great enough one could make some pretty good money.
Now lets say while you were watching this horserace you knew the outcome or had enough insider information and you kept winning bets, people would say you were either very lucky or even see into the future. This is a wall street thing. People, business, investors put their money on futures.

The market is all about trends and possibilities. If you knew enough about a company and you believed in its trajectory you put an investment on it to make more money. Likewise, If you see it losing, you withdraw. Maybe, depending on what kind of investor you are. But that’s not the topic here. It is about predicting the future by the information that you know or are least think you know. If you had insider information then you do know. That makes you able to predict the future. In a way that means that you are actually living in the future and placing your investment in the past. Are you still with me here?
You have information that is not public knowledge. This separates you from the rest not on a linear time line but on a layered time line. You are living with people in form, standing in line, eating lunch, whatever, but you know something about the future that they don’t understand yet. That makes you a time traveler. Fun thought yes? It could also demonstrate that time is folded and that informed person can jump easily back and forth through time with thought and presence. They may have to engage in conversation that requires them to be cognizant of the audience and what information is known or not known. Thus they are essentially jumping timelines. Kind of. If they know the future and it is truly that outcome it maybe considered the same timeline. But if something changes then it does become different timeline. You see what’s happening here. Time is fluid and all things are in flux. That is why its so hard to plan ahead because things happen and it changes the future. Pretty sure this is a Universal thing, even a cosmic thing. Just as I think I know something and I tell people this is going to happen, the timeline changes and I am discredited. This is happening to a lot of people right now. Imagine how a Galactic entity must feel. They see how things should go, but we humans keep juggling with monkey wrenches. this creates a change in timelines. But not necessarily the plan.

There is a lot of information flowing that some people really resonate with. There are many many insiders sharing bits of information that a majority of the public are not receiving. This changes the way we relate to our world. It is like being a time traveler in a world that doesn’t understand what you are talking about. If I said Black Rock investment company was going to crash. People would absolutely freak-out and for the most part tell me I was crazy. That company is too big to fail and if they did and that would mean the world was going to end financially and that is simply unacceptable. Since I cannot say for certain how it will happen or have proof to back it up, I am poopooed. Its hard to prove something that hasn’t happened yet. In this case, it is only a theory based on insight from insider information and my own personal research and understanding. Therefore not credible. But if it does come true than I am a seer and predictor of the future. Unfortunately also a messenger of doom.

No, it is best not to get to wrapped up in time and exact predictions of how events unfold or take place. There are trends and bigger picture things that can be shared and relayed with less cynicism. Exact timing is less important than probabilities. But if anyone out there has good info on the next winner of the Kentucky derby. I am all ears.

I would bet that time traveling is not easy in many ways. What if an actual time traveler, you know one with a time travel machine, came back and the timeline got changed. What is that called, the butterfly effect? How awful would that be? Whether time is linear, folded, warped or relative I believe it is changeable.

There is also the consideration that the further off planet you go the more time slows down. Or the fact that if your off planet you are no longer tied to time as we know it at all. Because time is based on the revolution of Earth, does time even exist in space? Can you even imagine how annoying that must be to The Galactics. I am pretty sure Galactics run on what some of us know as, Indian time. Indian time is essentially living in the now and doing something when its the right time to do it. We can call it cosmic or divine timing.

I think that if a person wanted more time in a day than we get here on earth, they would be better off on Jupiter. Lucky for us that’s a possibility. But there I go predicting the future again.

Thanks for your time.

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