Where do we get information?
I suppose it depends and varies person to person. The younger folk probably don’t watch TV at all. Well al least my 19 yr old hasn’t since his cartoon days. So 8 years since we had the tv on and even then we didn’t watch mainstream news.
The internet seems to win the big prize for most information shared in our house.
The newspaper is still around. I have a 99 yr old client that still reads the paper every day.
That puts me right in the middle at age 59, with having 40 yrs on each side of me and a world of difference in how they get their information.
I saw an article the other day that showed some statistics. 1500 tv stations, 9000 radio stations 1500 newspapers,, a number of magazines all owned by 6 companies run by a total of 273 people. I knew that mainstream sources were limited and highly controlled, but those numbers really bring it into perspective.
I know at our house, we don’t watch tv much anymore, but we spend a lot of time on the internet. As everyone knows, except for my 99 yr old client , the internet has become the primary source for just about everything including information. It is how we communicate, operate our business, play games and even listen to music. If you don’t have internet you probably don’t have kids. If you don’t have internet you probably won’t get visited by family, or even friends for that matter. Unless you operate a retreat for health and wellness. But even those use the internet to advertise and book clients.

Where I am I going with these statements of the obvious?
I guess I am curious about who is still watching main stream media. There must be a target group.
I think I found them on the street this past week. I believe it is the elderly and young famalies with kids. Just my observation. No other fact finding.

The reason I say I found them on the street, is that the sun came out and everybody came out of there homes with it. The warm air brought people out and I overheard conversations between neighbors, friends stopping by to visit my clients and engaged in consultations with new people my self. In each of these encounters the topic seemed to center around one thing. The v ax cin ation. I break the word up like that because apparently if the algorithms catch it on any internet postings you run the risk of your website being shut down. Odd, Why would that be? Why don’t they want people sharing information. Because they won’t be able to control the information that is passed on?

Any way I will just call it the Jab. The shot, as one gal called out to her neighbor.’ Have you got yours yet? I won’t rest until everyone has gotten theirs.” Yeah she actually said that.
Another chap, wearing a mask as we stood outside in his front yard fully ten feet apart. You don’t wear a mask he asked?
I said no, I am not sick. He retorted that I could be a carrier and be spreading this disease, the worst ever known to mankind to everyone. Again I assured him, I was not sick. He said he got his jab and thought everyone should. I said I wouldn’t be. I just didn’t believe in putting those type of things into my body. He started quoting Dr. F au ci. I stayed polite but pointed out that if he had gotten the jab, he didn’t need to wear a mask or worry about catching anything. He said that Dr. F said thats not true.

I am not sure he could hear what he was saying or had given it any time for logical analysis, I told him that I was not there to put him in fear. I would keep my distance and when the time came we would mow his lawn. But again I was not trying to create or spread fear. My choice was for myself. I respect his choice. I respect everyones choice for themselves. But that gal that won’t rest until everyone has the jab. Now she scared me.

People that do not think for themselves are susecptible to programming from outside sources. In this case I will blame it on the main stream sourced information. I certainly could not quote the Dr. F. But I have read some of his comments where he says one thing one day, then contradicts himself the next. I have seen that he owns interest in the jab and is profiting off of his words which screams conflict of interest. That is only a quick look at things that don’t add up.

Imagine if a person did any actual research. Imagine if someone took half a sec to ask Why? Just a take a pause, and look at things again , gather some more information and give it a really good look, don’t just repeat what the TV has told you. If you still come up with the jab is right for you, then so be it. That is called freedom of choice.

The internet is there for everyone to use. If a story has been taken down, one should question that as well. Why are so many people being censored.? Why are companies that clearly have control over that which has become such an basic necessity in our society have the audacity to cut off peoples businesses and lose so much revenue themselves in the process?
Clearly there is more going on here than meets the eye. the eye, …….
I am reporting what I have seen on the street. And it gave me the creeps.
All I can ask of people is that we respect each other.
I will respect that you choose for yourself. Now will you respect me?
Will you give me the same grace and respect for my choice that I give you?

Its not even about giving, which assumes ownership. Free will is actually already natural law.

This is one way we can all get along.
This is one way we can put divisiness behind us and move towards a more unified society.
We don’t have to agree to live in grace, with respect, as we step toward freedom.

Freedom is where I want to live.

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