I met a guy today with tiny skin burns all over his arms and face. He said they were all over his body.
Him and his wife had just moved here from western washington. I won’t say where exactly just because. They stopped by my plant sale I am having in my front yard. They were looking for some plants for their new yard. We instantly dove deep into into conversation as he explained his burns.

They are electrical burns he said. From EMF’s. They moved here because the power lines over there were getting too “hot”. He had already been experiencing an increase in skin spots but when they flipped on the 5G, His skin burst out with burns all over. His story continued as he explained that he was ex military and had had vaccine after vaccine and now he was crawling with nanobytes that react to the electrical grid. I have heard a lot of information about this myself. I too am very aware of EMF radiation and the harm it has the potential to do. I never thought I would actually see and hear such a testimony as this gentleman had. I am also aware of the nanobytes that are being pushed in the vaccines. They are also every where in our food and drink. I have heard rumor about the coke company. This I cannot confirm. Goodness knows how else we have been infected.

The chemtrails that they have been spraying overhead for many years are also full of heavy metals that get into our system through eating food, organic or not. You can’t stop fallout from the sky. These heavy metals get into our body and the bond with the nanobytes some how. Add the electric radiation, EMF that come from all sorts of our devices as well as the rollout of 5G and we are a toxic cocktail waiting for ignition. I am sure many of our health problems stem from this. Think about the metals in your mouth and why Dentist are recommending removing old fillings. They are full of mercury.

If you claim hogwash, I can only shrug. I am sharing what I know. For what end this is happening is not for me to say. I have my theory but I am here to present evidence as proof to that there is greater action..

I have not actually met someone before that had as much knowledgeable about these things as I have informed myself about. I have been a relentless critic of these things and want nothing more than to alert people to the dangers we have been subjected to. And are being subjected to as we speak. We only need to question and go seek answers. The answers are not pretty but they are real. A living walking testimony and evidence walked right into my yard this day.
He said when he gets emotional it triggers them. He sees them move in this arm when they bond together and then he will get a red spot. He has tested his burns with an electrical multimeter and reports it is 300x greater than it should be. Sorry I didn’t write down the specific numbers to report. Just knowing it is off the charts is enough for me. Yes, I believe this guy. I saw his burns with my own eyes. They were like some kind of bruising but very red. He said he does his own research. I have done mine as well. There is no mistaking the red blotches all over his arms and face. I have never seen anything like it. I am sharing this not as a scare article but one of awareness. We need to stop living in ignorance and realize we need to take action for our own sake. Our own health.
Take action how?
First of course is to have an awareness and start getting informed.
The second is to start protecting yourself from the EMF”S we are getting inundated with day in and day out.
Next is to start doing detox treatments and getting those heavy metals and nanobytes out of your system.
Have good cleansing and meditative sessions for you and your families.
Say no to technologies that are forced upon You. Has anyone ever fully explained the benefits of 5G? Faster, faster what ? I know the harmful effects but I have yet to any benefits from this technology that we truly need. We are simply being told we want it. Why?

As example, I myself will not have a smart meter.
I did get an EMF meter/tester and have measured other peoples smart meters. They create a danger zone within a 3- 5 foot area around them. The alarm goes nuts on my tester. This includes inside the house. EMF penetrates regular structures. You would need to build a shield to block the radiation.

This guy that had the skin burns, this guy moved across an entire state to get out of range of unshielded EMF’s. I am somewhat relieved to know he was able to move here. That means we aren’t too bad. Yet!
Again it will take awareness to clean up our environments and save the ones that are still relatively less toxic. There is a cumulative effect from the development of all these sources of EMF that pose an immediate danger, but I am not going to naively assume that anywhere is not infected. My reasoning tells me if your phone can gets service the EMFs are active.
Oh, yeah, the phone puts off EMF radiation to be sure. More when its active, like when your talking or downloading or googling. It will set off the alarm on my EMF meter. The Android is pretty chill when not in use. But I have an Iphone too. It puts off radiation when your not even using it. EGADS!. I use totally speaker phone now. Wire head buds aren’t too bad either. Even wireless head buds help but they are not the best answer either because they have low levels of radiation that can do harm with prolonged use.

Like I said before, the information is out there, you just have to go find it. Dig deep, Censorship is increasing on every subject. Please do your own research.

Along with cleansing and exposure reduction there are technologies that are being marketed with some effect although they have varied results. Worth the investment if you ask me.

Technology to combat technology. Gotta love it. Some of these things are cultural like silver lined beanies or faraday bags. Others are plug-ins Marketed by companies like EARTHCALM. There are increasing amount of these companies as awareness grows. There are also gems and minerals that can help detox. Shungite for detoxing, obsidian for grounding and other amazing options. This article isn’t to do the research for you, but to help you gain awareness so that you may start looking for the answers that best suit you.

And for goodness sakes. Lose the masks. But if it makes you feel better to wear it, at least take it off when you are by yourself. Seriously people, we have bigger fish to fry here, and don’t need to breathe our own toxins while worrying about catching a curable treatable flu. Sorry logic and reason overtook me. I just had to vent. Most Va*x are not what it seems. I love everyone. We are in this together more than you know. Lets move on…

For those of you who are interested in learning more about this nanobyte technology and what I am discussing here. You can research Bill H(G)ates and micro soft as they have put out videos explaining how wonderful it is. I actually first became aware of this technology from a kids cartoon years ago. They explained everything about it and how it works just like the Gates video does. Kids cartoons are often used to disclose alot of things if you didn’t know. Part of the programming agenda. Anyway….

For those of you who are interested cleansing, I came across these detox recipes.

Boron Mineral: Borax – 22 Mule brand works well. 1 pinch to 1 pint of distilled water. Drink 3x daily caution: do not consume over warning amounts on box.

Detox bath I:
1cup baking soda, 1 cup epsom salt, 1 cup borax, 1 cup pink himalayn salt soak for as long as you can, clean tub with activated charcoal when done caution: do not use toxic white salts

Detox bath II:
1/2 ml laundry detergent, alfalpha pellets (hamster pellets from the pets store) soak as long as you can. I understand that the nanobytes don’t like the detergent but are attracted to the green in the pellets and will leave your body and attach to the pellets. Reportedly, if you use a backlight you can see see them. Shower afterwards with peppermint soap and wash tub thoroughly with zeolyte and activated charcoal.

Like I said before, your own research is important. We all need to become informed. Never again should we give away our power. And we are powerful beings. Now is the time we get to reclaim this knowledge.

Thank you for being here. Much love to all.

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