There are so many meme’s out there. Some of them are just a hoot. Recently I enjoyed this one

“Rioters, due to co-vid We ask you to work from home. Stay home and trash your own stuff”

So funny. Okay, then there is the occasional front yard sign. this one is my favorite

“Human Kind, Be both”

simple and sweet and wise.

The most familiar seems to be the yard sign with multiple colors and lots of sayings all together. Things that matter. I thought about this and decided to write my own yard sign. It goes like this:

In this house we believe… well, it doesn’t matter what we believe, because my son is at the age that he wants to be contrary with anything I say anyway. But I believe that diversity is the Spice of Life and I love him no matter what. Every opinion matters and LOVE will triumph over everything else.

This is my yard meme. If you repeat it, tell them Digger sends her Love, no matter who you are or what your idea may be.

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