And so it begins.
Not from the beginning but from the middle to its end.
This is the purpose of my whole descend.

I come with with grace. I come not for ease.
I come here with fiercness as gentle as a breeze.

Now is the place and here is the time to breathe in to our fullness and let it expand.
This is by choice, not by demand

Fill your lungs, fill your belly, fill your heart, breathe it in.
Unfold those wings fresh from the chrysalis or battered from the wind.

Stretch them out and let them grow. From the depths beyond what you know
Unfold your bent head and lift your eyes. It is shedding the human disquise.

Open your vision and allow the fullness of your spirit to extend.
There is no limit, there is no end

Projection of self is far larger than you ever knew.
Release any reserve. Stand tall. Be true

For you are the warrior and won’t be denied.
Challenge will come, you will be tried.

Link arms with the many and yet strong on your own.
Fear not where others may roam

Courage without limit course through your vein.
incarnation manifest this warrior train

Your still unfurling with a ways to go. Your glory is part of the show.
Larger than life, your image immense. Wings of an Angel, majestic and intense.

We are here and we are ready.
Lions at the helm holding steady.

We will respond by the millions, When the lord calls for the Roar.
By the millions! And Our light will soar.

The galaxy will bow as billions flash as the sun.
We are Spiritual warriors. This deed will be done.


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