Not everybody owns an air conditioner. My 100 yr old client lives in her house that her husband built 65 yrs ago. They didn’t see the need for one. They have radiant floor heat. A vision before its time built into a very well insulated house. Still, it was 85 degrees in there at 9:30 this morning. She had a fan. a nice fan to be sure but that is all. We are not suppose to have more than a couple 100 degree days a year. Historically. at least for the past 65 years.

Back at my house I play the game, get up at 4 or 5am, open the doors reverse the fans and clear out the heat, reverse them again suck in the morning coolness. At first strike of sunlight start closing it up, sunny side first then slowly the west side as the the cool shade gives way to its powerful twin. Light and dark in the never ending dance of balance. Heat builds throught the day in an unbelieveable show of strength. A touch of the door reveals the power of flame 93,000,000 miles away (AU). Might as well have been a fire just on the other side.

I grew up in Arizona. I really enjoy dry hot heat. But this is not the place nor is it the time. Outdoor markets are cancelling faster than flies coming in an open door. This is the PNW. This is where Texans come to retreat and wear socks during the summer. This is where water runs and hosta flourish, where raspberries and apples time share with hucklberries, peaches and cherries. This heat in June? Yes, its’ still June and we are packing like its the Phoenix rising.

I don’t want to drive as the heat is tearing tires to shreds. So I retreat after errands are run. No work for a gardener today. I retreat to the land of loose cotton and box fans with spritz bottle in hand. I look forward to the afternoon siesta. Ahh now that is how to ride out a storm. Even a heat storm. Take a nap. When evening comes I begin the ritual again. Reverse the fans, water the plants, Open wide the doors and let the flies out, they are cute portable flying fans. I did order some portable AC’s. I bet they get here when the temperatures break sometime next week. There is that condo I am housesitting for. Fully AC’ed. Maybe I will be smart and hang out there tomorrow. I don’t know. that seems like cheating. I want to experience what it takes to get past this crisis by experiencing it fully. Safely but in full on emersion. or I might experience the Condo . Hopefully they won’t lose power like many did today. Today, 90 degrees in my house, 102 outside in the shade 108 in the sun, tomorrow is suppose to be hotter. My tomatoe plants are loving it ! And I did plant a watermelon and a couple cantelope. Maybe this is the year.

And This has been a year. The life and times of the 2020’s.

These are the times that try mens souls. Paine knew well what an American Revolution looks like. Whether it be tribunal or trial for some, it is a test of our metal for all. Unlike the musket era, these tests come in stranger packages. Geo storms Truth storms, false storms, financial trickery, psy ops and confusion. In the heat of it we become mallable and prime for transformation. This is the melding of our metal as we forge the new era. Shedding our baggage of worn torn beliefs, plasticated knowledge and failed leadership. we are emerging. Solid with our core of faith, we will bring our skills together and build anew. Revolution turns into evolution and America morphs thru global cohesiveness. Those who didn’t know they had it in them, find themselves and the deed is done. We have found what we had lost and now we will stand in its Glory. The eclosion of Humanity will bring forth FREEDOM. Welcome to the new Earth of the Free. Nova Earth Nova Gaia Terra Nova Terra Gaia Gaia terra nova earth libertas

 freedom   freewill   free energy   free thought  free ice cream ( well I just had too, its hot out)

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